Monday, February 02, 2009

Singapore Food courts

One of the best things I like about Singapore is the variety of food available in every nook and corner. Since most of the families are made up of working couples, one of the big problems is to come back home after a tiring days work and then cook for the family. Singapore has solved this problem by setting up food courts in every neighborhood. A food court is made up of stalls setup by individuals or families who make a decent living by serving delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each stall is normally dedicated to a particular type of cuisine. So in a food court you will find, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and many other nationalities represented. The hygiene at most food courts is pretty good and they offer value for money meals. You will also find dedicated stalls for various kinds of beverages and desserts. So you can pick and choose what you want to eat or drink. I don’t think you will find so many varieties of food under one roof in many other countries.

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